Salvador Alibau born in Barcelona. During his infancy, for health reasons and due to the civil war, he often stayed in the small town of Beguda Alta (Anoia). Contact with nature left a strong impression on him. Baccalaureate studies.

He began artistic studies at the Baixes and Tàrrega academies.

Training at the Escola Superior de Belles Artes (Fine Arts School) in Barcelona. Rented a studio in Hospitalet.

Attended the Accademia di Belli Arti e Liceu Artístico in Rome. Travelled to several Italian sites (the influence of Renaissance art would play an important part in his maturity) and to Paris, where he frequented a group of artists from the University.

· Grand Prize awarded by the Diputación de Barcelona.

· National Fine Arts Exhibition, Madrid (group show).

· The Jaimes Selections, Barcelona. 1959
· Exhibition at the Sala Macarrón, Madrid.
· Saló de Maig, Barcelona.

· Saló de Maig, Barcelona.

· Saló de Maig, Barcelona.

Family commitments led to a decade-long parenthesis away from painting. He founded a mould making factory which became a prosperous business. Alibau took an active role in the design of the moulds and in their decoration, as well as in the design of machines and the production processes. This experience would be valuable for him in the future.

Moved the family home to Sant Llorenç d'Hortons (Alt Penedès). Returned to artistic activities and started an uninterrupted exploration and invention of techniques and processes connected with paper and cellulose.

· Exhibition at Capellades Paper Mill Museum, using pigmented celluloid pulp, sponsored by the Culture Ministry of the Catalan government, the Generalitat.

· Sant Llorenç d'Hortons, anthology organized and sponsored by the Town Hall.
· Group Exhibition, Catalonia Art Centre, Catalan Language Congress, Girona.

· Itinerant collective exhibition, Contemporary Catalan Art Fund of the Cultural Network.

· French Institute in Barcelona. Sponsored by the Culture Ministry of the Generalitat.
· 6th Exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Art.

· French Institute in Barcelona: 17 Catalan painters explore the French Revolution, Barcelona, Perpignan, Sabadell, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lleida, Lyon, Andorra, and Paris.
· Sergi Sànchez Gallery, Manresa.
· Art London ´89, collaboration with the Canals Art Gallery, monographic stand.
· Cultural Centre of the Caixa de Terrassa bank. At the inaugural act there were improvisations at the piano, inspired by the works on exhibition, by the composer Manel Camp.
· Canals Art Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès.
· Art Jonction international, Nice; Stand Canals Galeria d'Art.
· Lineart, Ganté.
· French Institute in Barcelona. Espai II, along with the presentation of Manel Camp's "Live" disk with improvisations at the piano inspired by Alibau's works, created at the Cultural Centre of the Caixa de Terrassa.

· Michel Guinle Gallery, at the Poisson d'Or space (Lyon). At the same time, in the same exhibition space, there was an exhibition of 17 itinerant Catalan painters responding to the French Revolution.
· Exhibition and installation at the French Institute in Barcelona, Espai II and the vestibule. Monographic exhibition held jointly with the Casa de Goya in Bordeaux

· Casa Goya, Bordeaux.
· Knabro Gallery, Copenhagen.
· Spanish Cultural Centre, Copenhagen.
· 10 Years of Spanish Art at the Casa de Goya, Bordeaux
· Collective exhibition for Doctors without Borders, Transit Gallery, Barcelona.
· Casa de España, Oslo.
· Transit Gallery, Barcelona.

· The Unique Gallery, Dal and Eidsvoll, Oslo.
· Girona Art Gallery.
· Collective exhibition at the Canals Art Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès. Art Olympiad - Sant Cugat'92. With the aid of the town hall.

· Museum of Modern Art, Tarragona
· Collective exhibition for the Four Winds Foundation of Barcelona's Ateneu

· Retrospective 1987-1994 in Galleries 1 & 2 of the Cultural Centre of the Caixa de Terrassa. With the aid of the Arts Department of the Generalitat.

Began the Matemàrtica series.
· Collective exhibition at the Casa de Cultura in Girona. Artists and the Sardana.

· Deanery of Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona.


· Exhibition of six large-scale works, four from the Matemàrtica collection, guest artist on the T.V. programme Avisa'ns quan arribi el 2000 including an interview.

· Publication of an extensive monographic work: Alibau, Works and Cellulose Fibre Techniques (Tarragona, Arola Editors) with texts by Josep Corredor-Matheos, Conxita Oliver and Salvador Alibau himself.
· Alibau held the exhibition and installation: Nature and Matemàrtica, Ecology and Paper. Mirador Gallery of the Capellades Paper Mill Museum.
· Exhibition of works from the Matemàrtica collection at the Catalan Studies Institute Centre, along with a roundtable presided over by the institute's president Manuel Castellet and including participation by Sebastià Xambó, Oriol Pi de Cabanyes, Joan Girbau, David Jou, and Salvador Alibau. Promoted by the Catalan Mathematical Society as part of the closing ceremony for the Year of Mathematics, Barcelona.

· Sala Blanquerna, Madrid. Alibau: Nature and Matemàrtica. Work in cellulose fibre

· Centre for Catalan Studies at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Cellulose: Matemàrtica and Zen. Presented by Eliseu Trenc.
· Municipal Art Hall in Sabiñánigo. Cellulose: Matemàrtica and Zen.
· Complementary act at the Molino Periel exhibition, within the framework of the Pirineosclassic Festival: Musical creations on the piano by Manel Camp inspired by six of Alibau's works, followed by a talk on the work of Salvador Alibau as part of the celebrations for his 80th birthday..

· Sala Patronat, Sarrià de Ter. Cellulose: Matemàrtica and Zen.

· Inauguration of the sculpture Evocation of the Catalan Lands in the Centenary of the CSI 1907-2007, on permanent exhibition at this Barcelonan Institute, in the hall of the Convalescence House, in the Mercè Rodoreda gardens. Since this project, Alibau has further explored the sculptural medium, in parallel with his work in cellulose.

· Montserrat Museum. Montserrat: Alibau, 2009. This was the first of the artist's exhibitions in which part of the work on display were steel sculptures.

· November 22: Release of "audio: variations pictorial symphony orchestra on the work of Salvador Alibau" Carles Guinovart in the Barcelona Auditorium by the Orquestra Ciutat de Barcelona, ​​with the direction of Eiji Oue.

· Drives of the Foundation creació Alibau.

· He died on 22 January.