The monograph Alibau, work, and technical cellulose fiber allows a comprehensive understanding of the artist's career, with numerous reproductions and introductory texts by leading specialists. The book is also a technical treatise, by the same Alibau, which is carefully explained and documented the innovative and diverse technical processes with the cellulose fiber and watery.
All texts are in Castilian and English.

To purchase the book send a mail to Alibau Fondation: info@alibau.cat

The main characteristics of the book:
447 pages
325 illustrations of works
425 illustrations of tools with which to work on cellulose fiber
Prologue by Jordi Sarsanedas
Introduction by J. Corredor-Matheos
Critical Essay by Conxita Oliver
Techniques Section by Salvador Alibau
Published by Arola Publishers, Tarragona, April 2000

The various sections:
- Section I
Elaboration of Cellulose Fiber for Artistic Uses
Cellulose Fiber and Pigments
- Section II
Forms, Instruments and Supports
- Section III
Works in Cellulose Fibre
- Section IV

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