Dominique Dussol, 1991

The Goya House in Bordeaux presents today the striking work of the Catalan painter Salvador Alibau.

The works of Salvador Alibau are not sculptures, nor paintings, they are like fragile membranes pervious to the slightest breeze and mood.

The painter has undressed the traditional surface of painting. He has changed it for a material that is more alive and receptive, obtained through cellulose pulp, with the aim of capturing the secrets of nature. He disperses morsels of cellulose fibre over a network of invisible threads. The transparency and the porosity of the support, which absorbs colour with the intensity of blotting paper, allows him to obtain a tactile and sensual surface.

Alibau's poetry, while sometimes grave and almost painful, is consumed with outpourings of iridescent colours, that are capable of introducing the spectator to the heart of Nature itself.

The Goya House - Bordeaux
Sud Ouest de France. 2-4-1991